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Nigel Spears MMSc, PG Cert (Clin.Hyp.), PDCHyp, PDCBHyp, DBSCH

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The Pathway of Successful Treatment

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Whoever you are and whatever help you need, your success is important to us. That is why we specialise in tailoring treatment to meet your specific needs. Even so, years of experience at our Bolton hypnotherapy clinic have proved that following a 4 stage treatment pathway increases success. The 4 stage treatment is as follows.


Stage 1: Initial Consultation

This is your time to confidentially discuss what you want, need and expect to achieve from therapy and to learn more about hypnosis, hypnotherapy and me so that you can decide whether they and I are right for you. Some notes will be taken. Headstartt is General Data Protection Regulation compliant, which means you are treated in the strictest confidence.


Stage 2: Foundations and Resource Building

This is a really important stage and takes a little time.


Once the note taking is completed, which usually requires around half of the first session, clinical hypnosis treatment begins. Hypnotherapy then aims to give you exactly what you need right now to help you to feel better fast and prepare you to deal with stage 3 more comfortably and easily. This generally includes building your self-confidence, belief and esteem and, which results in you becoming even more committed and motivated to making the changes that you want to make. You are also given highly effective coping strategies so that you can deal with any difficulties if they arise.


Although core difficulties are not directly addressed until the next stage, significant change can and often does happen in this one. This stage generally requires 1-4 sessions.


Stage 3: Solutions and Goal Achievement

With the strong solid foundations in place, addressing the most disturbing difficulty and achieving goals is much swifter, easier and more comfortable than most people can imagine. This stage generally requires 1-2 sessions.


Stage 4: Goal Maintenance

The final stage of therapy is to ensure that everything has been dealt with and that all loose ends have been tied up so that goals are permanently maintained and relapse is prevented. A single session is generally all that is needed.


Number of Sessions Required

As every patient and condition is different, it is difficult to say exactly how many treatment sessions you might need. Whilst some patients require a single session, the average is 4-6. I will be able to give you an approximate number of sessions in the free consultation.