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Fast & Effective Hypnotherapy for Adults & Children in Bolton, Manchester & Cheshire 

Nigel Spears MMSc, PG Cert (Clin.Hyp.), PDCHyp, PDCBHyp, DBSCH

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Smoking - Tobacco/Cannabis  etc

Healthy Eating/Weight Control


Procrastination (Putting Things Off)

Holding On To The Past


Nail Biting/Picking

Teeth grinding and jaw clenching

Hair Pulling

Mobiles & Gaming

Anxiety & Panic



Fears & Phobias




Bereavement & loss

Trauma & Abuse Incuding PTSD

Much  more

Insomnia & Sleep Difficulties


Physical  Pain

Headaches & Migraine

Blood Pressure

Acne, Eczema & Psorisis

Anorexia & Bullimea Nervosa

Alcohol & Drugs Misuse

Sub-fertility (Men & Women)


Confidence & Control

Focus & Concentration

Commitment & Determination

Self Belief, Worth, Esteem


More Positive & Goal Focused

Performance Enhancement

Stronger Physically, Mentally & Emotionally

Happiness & Enjoyment

Goals & Ambittions

Habits & Behaviours

Physical Illness

Psychological Difficulties

What We Treat & Where We Help

With individually tailored clinical hypnosis from Headstart, 100’s of adult’s, young people and children have transformed their lives since 2010. By freeing them from restrictive thoughts and feelings, relieving debilitating medical conditions or breaking free from stubborn habits and behaviours, they have regained control, got their lives back on track and achieved their dreams, goals and ambitions.


When other treatments are unsuitable, struggle or fail; I can often help.

Get fast and effective treatment for these and much, much more:

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